Thomas Ackermann <> writes:

>> Git changed its 'official' system name from 'GIT' to 'Git' in v1.6.5.3
>> (as can be seen in the corresponding release note where 'GIT' was 
>> changed to 'Git' in the header line).
>> Alas the documention uses 'GIT', 'Git' or even 'git' to refer to the
>> Git system. So change every occurrence of 'GIT" and 'git' to 'Git'
>> whenever Git as a system is referred to (but don't do this change
>> in the release notes because they constitute a history orthogonal
>> to the history versioned by Git).
>> [PATCH 1/2] Change old system name 'GIT' to 'Git'
>> [PATCH 2/2] Change 'git' to 'Git' whenever the whole system is referred to
> My second patch somehow got lost in the mailing system (I suspect
> due to its size of >300kB). I will wait for some more comments
> and then do a reroll thereby splitting the second patch in smaller
> parts ...

For such big patches it also helps if you push them somewhere public,
and post the URL and branch name, so that interested parties can still
have a look.

But yes, silently discards all mail above 100KB, see

in the last section.

Thomas Rast
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