> If I were to decide today to change the spellings, with an explicit
> purpose of making things more consistent across documentation, it
> may make sense to use even a simpler rule that is less error-prone
> for people who write new sentences that has to have the word.  How
> about treating it just like any other ordinary word?  That is, we
> say "git" (without double-quotes, of course), unless it comes at the
> beginning of a sentence?

The widely used books on Git by Scott Chacon or Jon Loeliger (and
many others) are using 'Git' instead of 'git' when talking about the 
whole system. So IMHO it would not be wise to change our internal 
documentation from using 'GIT'/'Git' to using 'git'. The internal 
documentation should be a natural continuation of these books 
by content and style.

- Just my thoughts.

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