On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 10:19:39PM +0100, Per Cederqvist wrote:
> On 01/16/13 03:26, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> >Hi Jeff and other guilty parties,
> >
> >I collected all the guilt patches I could find on-list and added one
> >of my own.  Completely untested, except for running the regression
> >tests.  These are also available via git protocol from
> >
> >   git://repo.or.cz/guilt/mob.git mob
> >
> >Thoughts?
> Regarding the "Change git branch when patches are applied" feature,
> it has saved me a number of times since I implemented it. I've been
> using it extensively, and have not had any problems with it.
> Nevertheless, for backwards compatibility with the currently
> released guilt version I think it should be conditional, and
> disabled per default for one full release cycle.  I've implemented
> this. My code is available from git://repo.or.cz/guilt/ceder.git
> The following commits are not included in your list:
> a194375 Added guilt.reusebranch configuration option.
> 1dd97bd Minor testsuite fix.
> 640caee The tests should not fail if guilt.diffstat is set.

At $WORK, we started doing thorough reviews before committing.  I'm kinda
sold on this feature.  I agree with the off-by-default config flag.

> I don't want Guilt to fork. Jeff, it would be really great if
> you could set up a public repo again!

Yep.  I'm trying to reclaim control of the repo.or.cz guilt repo... I no
longer have access to jsi...@cs.sunysb.edu and I don't remember the


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