Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 5:32 PM, Rusty Russell <> wrote:
>> Due to the delay on, git request-pull fails.  It *looks*
>> like it succeeds, except the warning, but (as we learned last time I
>> screwed up), it doesn't put the branchname because it can't know.
> I think this should be fixed in modern git versions.
> And it sure as hell knows the proper tag name, since you *gave* it the
> name and it used it for generating the actual contents. The fact that
> some versions then screw that up and re-write the tag-name to
> something randomly matching that isn't a tag was just a bug.

I'm confused.  The default argument is HEAD: what does it know about tag

        git request-pull master korg

The bug is that if it can't find that commit at the remote end, it
still generates a valid-looking request (with a warning at the end),
where it guesses you're talking about the master branch.

>> For want of a better solution, I'll now resort to sending pull requests
>> with the anti-social gitolite URL in it, like so:
> That's even worse, fwiw. It means that the pull request address makes
> no sense to anybody who doesn't have a address, and then
> I'm forced to just edit things by hand instead to not pollute the
> kernel changelog history with crap.

Since I use a wrapper script now for your pull requests I can use sed to
unscrew it:

        for-linus = !check-commits && TAGNAME=`git symbolic-ref HEAD | cut -d/ 
-f3`-for-linus && git tag -f -u D1ADB8F1 $TAGNAME HEAD && git push korg tag 
$TAGNAME && git request-pull master korg | sed 
s,,git://, && git log --stat 
--reverse master..$TAGNAME | emails-from-log | grep -v 'rusty@rustcorp' | grep 
-v '' | sed 's/^/Cc: /'

> Junio, didn't "git request-pull" get fixed so that it *warns* about
> missing tagnames/branches, but never actually corrupts the pull
> request? Or did it just get "fixed" to be a hard error instead of
> corrupting things? Because this is annoying.

Here: git version

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