Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> But v1.5.2.5~1 (git-add -u paths... now works from subdirectory,
>> 2007-08-16) changed the semantics to limit the operation to the
>> working tree.
> Not really. It fixed "git add -u path", not plain "git add -u". A quick
> test checking out and compiling v1.5.2.5~1^ shows that "git add -u ."
> from a subdirectory was adding everything from the root.
> My interpretation is that v1.5.2.5~1 fixed an actual bug, without
> thinking about what would happen when "git add -u" was called without
> path, so the behavior is "what happens to be the most natural to
> implement".

I guess at this point it does not matter that much if that was an
unintended consequence of a buggy fix, or a new behaviour by design.
We initially were tree-wide but later limited the operation to the
current directory.

I think your "Check 'git diff' then run 'git add -u'" example may be
a good enough argument that it is a good idea to restore the
originally intended "tree-wide" behaviour in any case.
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