Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

>>> ... take ":/abc" as rev even it's ambiguous. This patch makes it:
>>> - ambiguous when "abc" exists on worktree
>>> - a rev if abc does not exist on worktree
>>> - a path if abc is not found in any commits (although better use
>> The "any commits" above sounds very scary. Are you really going to
>> check against all the commits?
> If I remember correctly :/ will search through commit chains until it
> finds a commit that matches. So :/non-existent-string definitely
> searches through all commits.

That is the real work the user asked us to do, so it is not a wasted
latency.  The description looked as if you were doing extra work
only for disambiguation, which triggered my "Huh?" meter.
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