Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Would it be possible to make this conditional on cwd not being at the
> toplevel (the case where "git add -u :/" and "git add -u ." have
> different behavior)?  E.g.,
>               static const char *here[2] = { ".", NULL };
>               if (prefix)
>                       warning(...);

I thought about this too, after writting the patch. Actually, I still I
it makes sense to warn even from the toplevel, since the point is to
teach people to stop using pathless "git add -u" for a while, so I'd say
it's easier to teach this in every condition. OTOH, the next step
(forbidding pathless "git add -u") can still allow it from the toplevel
to minimize the pain.

But I'm starting to be convinced ;-).

Any other thought on the question?

Matthieu Moy
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