Brandon Casey wrote:

> Teach append_signoff how to detect a duplicate s-o-b in the commit footer.
> This is in preparation to unify the append_signoff implementations in
> log-tree.c and sequencer.c.
> --- a/sequencer.c
> +++ b/sequencer.c
> @@ -1082,9 +1101,10 @@ int sequencer_pick_revisions(struct replay_opts *opts)
>       return pick_commits(todo_list, opts);
>  }
> -void append_signoff(struct strbuf *msgbuf, int ignore_footer)
> +void append_signoff(struct strbuf *msgbuf, int ignore_footer, int no_dup_sob)

Isn't the behavior of passing '1' here just a bug in "format-patch -s"?

Style: callers will be easier to read if the function takes a flag
word with named bits, as in:

        #define APPEND_SIGNOFF_DEDUP (1 << 0)
        void append_signoff(..., int ignore_footer, unsigned flag)
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