Just wanted to get this simple scheme out there in the hope of minimizing
patent troll risks for people working on replication.

You run an update hook that blocks pushes unless the branch reference in
the repository matches the corresponding reference stored in a synchronized
system, and flood the objects out using an inexpensive, simple system.

(Apologies if this is too obvious for the list; I didn't want to take
chances with the patent office definition of "obvious.")

 Replication Mechanism for a Distributed Version Control System 

 Disclosed is a mechanism for replication of content repositories of a
 distributed version control system (DVCS), which is unique in that objects
 and branch references are transferred between nodes by independent means,
 with only branch references subject to synchronization among nodes. The
 object of this disclosure is to simplify deployment of a DVCS in a
 replicated configuration. Replication can be performed efficiently by
 transferring objects using a key-value store, such as a distributed hash
 table (DHT), independently of a repository's branch references, which are
 transferred using a synchronized data store.

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