Jens Lehmann <> writes:

> This is a false positive. The merge algorithm picked a fast-forward
> in a submodule as a proper merge result and records that in a
> gitlink. But as Duy pointed out this could be easily fixed by
> turning the readonly flag off in that case.

I see that as "easily circumvented and not an effective protection",

In theory, adding a gitlink to the index, removing a gitlink to the
index and modifying an existing gitlink in the index to another
gitlink in the index and writing the resulting in-core index out to
the on-disk index should be allowed, even after objects from the
submodule object database have contaminated our in-core object pool,
as long as you do not run cache_tree_update().  I am not sure if that
single loophole would be sufficient, though.

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