Jonathon Mah <> writes:

> No, I haven't audited the code paths (I have only the loosest
> familiarity with the source). Indeed, I found that clearing the
> 'parsed' flag in fsck.c (traverse_one_object()) is incorrect and
> causes test failures.
> With the object cache, isn't modifying the object unsafe in
> general? Instead of auditing code paths, it's now necessary to
> audit _all_ code that uses "struct object", which seems
> infeasible.

The object layer was designed with "run one thing and one thing
well, and then let the _exit(2) take care of the clean-up" model in
mind; modifying the object, e.g. updating commit->parents list,
in-core by revision traversal machinery is very much within the
scope of its intended uses.

> I'm just trying to fix the segfault demonstrated in the test
> attached to the patch.

Can offending readers that dereference NULL without checking if
buffer has been freed be updated so that they read_sha1_file(), read
the contents from the result returned from the function (instead of
reading from .buffer), and free the memory when they are done?

That would be a fix that would be very much isolated and easy to
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