John Keeping <> writes:

>> Is it "it does not work yet with cvsps3", or "it will not ever work
>> with cvsps3"?  The impression I am getting is that it is the latter.
> The existing script (git-cvsimport.perl) won't ever work with cvsps-3
> since features it relies on have been removed.

I think you knew I already knew that.  I was hoping that cvsimport-3
that has multiple backend support may be able to start working by
reading the fast-import stream cvsps3 produces, once you sort out
the "last exported timestamp" issue out.  As far as the end users
are concerned, they would still be using cvsimport, even though the
wrapper may redirect the invocation to cvsimport-3.

In any case, something like that will not happen in the near term,
if ever, so "cvsimport will not work if you only have cvsps3" is a
good thing to add to its documentation.

Care to roll a proper patch with a log message?  I'll discard the
topic for now and replace it with your documentation update.

>> Also, should we have a suggestion to people who are *not* performing
>> a one-shot import, i.e. doing incremental or bidirectional?
> As far as I know cvsps is the only backend that attempts to support
> partial exports but the support for that in its fast-export mode needs
> work before I would consider it reliable.  For now the existing
> git-cvsimport is the best option I'm aware of.

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