I've squashed the change I mentioned in
to Barry's commit, and added Jonathan's Reviewed-by to my cleanup

The following changes since commit ec3ae6ec46ed48383ae40643990f169b65a563cc:

  Merge git://ozlabs.org/~paulus/gitk (2013-01-23 08:35:03 -0800)

are available in the git repository at:

  git://bogomips.org/git-svn for-junio

for you to fetch changes up to bc93ceb7c5ec959ad275f575a3c49ff491337a8b:

  git-svn: Simplify calculation of GIT_DIR (2013-01-24 10:21:23 +0000)

(My old master is unchanged.)

Barry Wardell (1):
      git-svn: Simplify calculation of GIT_DIR

Eric Wong (1):
      git-svn: cleanup sprintf usage for uppercasing hex

 git-svn.perl             | 37 ++++++++++++++-----------------------
 perl/Git/SVN.pm          |  4 ++--
 perl/Git/SVN/Editor.pm   |  2 +-
 t/t9100-git-svn-basic.sh |  8 ++++++++
 4 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)
Eric Wong
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