Sven Strickroth <> writes:

> - The TortoiseGit team renamed TortoiseMerge.exe to TortoiseGitMerge.exe
>   (starting with 1.8.0) in order to make clear that this one has special
>   support for git and prevent confusion with the TortoiseSVN TortoiseMerge
>   version.

Wouldn't it make more sense in such a situation if your users can
keep using the old "tortoisemerge" configured in their configuration
and when the renamed one is found the mergetool automatically used
it, rather than the way your patch is done?  It seems that you are
forcing all the users to reconfigure or retrain their fingers.  Is
that the best we can do?  Is it too cumbersome to autodetect the
presense of tortoisegitmerge and redirect a request for tortoisemerge
to it, perhaps using translate_merge_tool_path (cf. mergetools/bc3)?

Assuming that people that have both variants will always want
mergetool to use tortoisegitmerge, that is.  If there are some
features missing from or extra bugs in tortoisegitmerge that makes
some people favor tortoisemerge, then giving two choices like your
patch does may make more sense.  I only know the difference between
the two from your four-line description above, but it does not look
like it is the case.

> diff --git a/Documentation/diff-config.txt b/Documentation/diff-config.txt
> index 4314ad0..13cbe5b 100644
> --- a/Documentation/diff-config.txt
> +++ b/Documentation/diff-config.txt
> @@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ diff.<driver>.cachetextconv::
>  diff.tool::
>       The diff tool to be used by linkgit:git-difftool[1].  This
>       option overrides `merge.tool`, and has the same valid built-in
> -     values as `merge.tool` minus "tortoisemerge" and plus
> -     "kompare".  Any other value is treated as a custom diff tool,
> +     values as `merge.tool` minus "tortoisemerge"/"tortoisegitmerge" and
> +     plus "kompare".  Any other value is treated as a custom diff tool,
>       and there must be a corresponding `difftool.<tool>.cmd`
>       option.

So in short, two tortoises and kompare are only valid as mergetool
but cannot be used as difftool?  No, I am reading it wrong.
merge.tool can be used for both, kompare can be used as difftool,
and two tortoises can only be used as mergetool.

This paragraph needs to be rewritten to unconfuse readers.  The
original is barely intelligible, and it becomes unreadable as the
set of tools subtracted by "minus" and added by "plus" grows.

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