Alexey Shumkin <> writes:

>> Why do we want "whatever_7" variables and use "cut -c1-7" to produce
>> them?  Is "7" something we care deeply about?
>> I think what we care a lot more than "7" that happens to be the
>> current default value is to make sure that, if we ever update the
>> default abbreviation length to a larger value, the abbreviation
>> shown with --format=%h is consistent with the abbreviation that is
>> given by rev-parse --short.
>>     head1_short=$(git rev-parse --short $head1)
>> perhaps?
>> ...
>> Likewise.
>> > +  tree2_7=$(echo $tree2 | cut -c1-7)
>> Likewise.
> but is there "git something" to return abbreviated tree hash except
> "pretty formats" that is implicitly tested here?

Does "git rev-parse --short $tree2" count?
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