John Keeping <> writes:

>> > It doesn't - the "|| continue" is to catch errors from setup_tool.
>> Ugh.
> Is that targeted at my suggestion at the top of this email or calling
> exit in setup_tool?

At the fact that you had to go a convoluted route because you cannot
just run setup_tool in subshell and do translate_merge_tool_path
after that, because the latter needs to look at the shell variable
the former sets.

> With the patch above, the block of code at the top becomes:
>       test "$tool" = defaults && continue
>       setup_tool "$tool" 2>/dev/null || continue
>       merge_tool_path=$(translate_merge_tool_path "$tool")
> which IMHO is pretty readable.

Of course it is.  The current callers of setup_tool may need some
adjustments, but that should be fairly trivial, I hope.
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