On 01/22/2013 01:31 PM, Ramsay Jones wrote:
include order. ;-) As I have mentioned here before, the claim that "WIN32 is not defined on cygwin" is simply nonsense - it depends on if/when certain header files are included. For example, *as soon as* you include <windows.h> (and, I suspect, many other win32 headers) then "defined(WIN32)" is true. Note that commit 380a4d92 ("Update cygwin.c for new mingw-64 win32 api headers", 11-11-2012) swaps the include order for the win32.h and git-compat-util.h header files. [I don't know the details, Mark didn't elaborate, but it is clearly an include order problem on cygwin 1.7.x :-D ] This causes compilation errors on cygwin 1.5.x, exactly because win32.h includes <windows.h>, which defines WIN32, which then leads to git-compat-util.h including <winsock2.h>.
  #if defined(WIN32) && defined(__CYGWIN__)
  # undef WIN32

Cygwin and Windows should be treated as completely separate platforms: if __CYGWIN__ is defined, do one thing, if not, go ahead and check WIN32, but the WIN32 macro should never be tested once we know the platform is CYGWIN - these really are different platforms (if you are unsure of this, consider that Cygwin includes a cross-compiler to target native Win32 as the Cygwin maintainers recognized the platforms are different).


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