draf...@gmail.com wrote on Fri, 25 Jan 2013 12:44 -0800:
> Python 2.5 and older do not accept None as the first argument to
> translate() and complain with:
>    TypeError: expected a character buffer object
> Satisfy this older python by calling maketrans() to generate an empty
> translation table and supplying that to translate().
> This allows git-p4 to be used with Python 2.5.

This was a lot easier than I imagined!

>  def wildcard_present(path):
> -    return path.translate(None, "*#@%") != path
> +    from string import maketrans
> +    return path.translate(maketrans("",""), "*#@%") != path

translate() was a bit too subtle already.  Could you try
something like this instead?

    m = re.search("[*#@%]", path)
    return m is not None

I think that'll work everywhere and not force people to look
up how translate and maketrans work.

                -- Pete
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