This seems to be a problem of the windows version. At least with its
complete severity. Installed git on Ubuntu in a virtual machine was
able to clone the subversion repos past the tag with the white-space
at the end. I am not sure but apparently this tag has not been

The git repos I could copy from Ubuntu to windows. So far no problems
seen in this copy on windows.

2013/1/23 Hans-Juergen Euler <>:
> I have discussed already the problem a bit more in this thread
> -----Operating system (specifically which version)
> windows 7 64 bit
> ------Git version (git --version)
> Git version 1.8.0 for windows obviously.
> git bash and git gui installed and using
> ------Git configuration (system, home, repository)
> hmm guess is covered with git bash and git gui. Using the standard config 
> stuff
> using subversion
> TortoiseSVN 1.7.11
> Subversion 1.7.8
> Was typically always up-to-date (within 2 months or so) with previous versions
> using an external subversion provider for storing the information
> externally. guess the version there is older but do not know
> I have tried to convert some of my external subversion data bases with
> git-svn clone
> I have encountered a problem with one of my subversion repos. I have
> obviously introduced about 2 years ago a problem with an additional
> white space at the end of tag name.
> So there is an entry "tags/blabla "
> in the subversion repos. The sequential handling of the svn repos with
> git-svn gets stuck there. I could not find a way around this. My guess
> is that the white-space was introduced by accident on windows by
> Tortoise-SVN.
> Unfortunately this occurs at revision 90 something and I have almost
> 1000 revisions stored.
> Let me know if you need more details.Thanks.
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