Brandon Casey wrote:

> Teach append_signoff how to detect a duplicate s-o-b in the commit footer.

This replaces the previous (slightly broken) logic that checked
whether the sign-off to be appended would be redundant and puts the
fixed logic further down the call-chain next to the rest of footer

I am not thrilled with the

        0 = no rfc-style footer
        1 = rfc-style footer, no sign-off found
        2 = rfc-style footer, sign-off found but not as last field
        3 = rfc-style footer, sign-off found as last field

convention but since it's local to sequencer.c and this logic to scan
all lines for the sign-off can probably be ripped out soon I don't

The general direction is good and the execution looks obviously
Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
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