John Keeping <> writes:

> I've had a quick look and it's quite straightforward to build on top of
> this to get an output format like this:
>     'git mergetool --tool-<tool>' may be set to one of the following:
>                     araxis
>                     vimdiff2
>             user-defined:
>                     mytool
>     The following tools are valid, but not currently available:
>                     bc3
>                     xxdiff
>             user-defined:
>                     mybrokentool
>     Some of the tools listed above only work in a windowed
>     environment. If run in a terminal-only session, they will fail.
> I don't think the suffix form would be too hard either - it just
> requires moving an explicit sort into the top-level shot_tool_help
> function.

I tend to think that one-tool-per-line format like the above looks

What are the situations where a valid user-defined tools is
unavailable, by the way?
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