Андрей Баранов  <ad...@andrej-andb.ru> writes:

> Or maybe option like:
> /etc/gitweb.conf:
> $feature{'ssl'}{'default'} = ['allways']; ['auto']; ['none'];
> but it's hard for me :) i don't know perl

The effect is the same and your original patch is shorter and
cleaner to see what is going on; as far as the patch text is
concerned, the original one is just fine.

Except that we wanted a bit more stuff before "---" line.  How about
something like this?

        Subject: [PATCH] gitweb: refer to picon/gravatar images over the same 

        The images from picon and gravatar are always used over
        http://, and browsers give mixed contents warning when
        gitweb is served over https://.

        Just drop the scheme: part from the URL, so that these
        external sites are accessed over https:// in such a case.

        Signed-off-by: Your Name <y...@addre.ss>
         gitweb/gitweb.perl | 4 ++--
         1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

        diff --git a/gitweb/gitweb.perl b/gitweb/gitweb.perl

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