Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> Pathspec mnemonic
> =================
> Are :(literal) and :(glob) used often enough to deserve a short
> mnemonic (like :/ is equivalent to :(top))? Which symbols should be
> used?

I do not think we should discuss this before letting people gain
experience with various forms of magic; otherwise we would at best
end up with a concensus guess among uninformed.

> New way to specify long pathspec magic
> ======================================
> While testing the pathspec magic code, I grow tired of quoting :(glob)
> every time because '(' is the start of a new shell. Which is one of
> the reasons I introduce --[no]glob-pathspecs. Still I'd like a way to
> specify long pathspec magic without quoting.

Is this a real issue, though?  Often interesting pathspecs do have
shell globs in them and we have to quote them anyway.

> How about making ":q/xxx/" an equivalence of ":(xxx)"?

A moderately strong no from here.
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