Michal Nazarewicz <m...@google.com> writes:

>> It is rather strange to require a comma-separated-values parser to
>> read a file format this simple, isn't it?
> I was worried about spaces in password.  CVS should handle such case
> nicely, whereas simple split won't.  Nonetheless, I guess that in the
> end this is not likely enough to add the dependency.

But .netrc/.authinfo format separates its entries with SP, HT, or
LF.  An entry begins with "machine <remote-hostname>" token pair.

split(/\s+/) will not work for an entry that span multiple lines but
CSV will not help, either.

Is it bad to use Net::Netrc instead?  This looks like exactly the
use case that module was written for, no?

>> Perhaps you can convert at least some popular ones yourself?  After
>> all, the user may be using an _existing_ .authinfo/.netrc that she
>> has been using with other programs that do understand symbolic port
>> names.  Rather than forcing all such users to update their files,
>> the patch can work a bit harder for them and the world will be a
>> better place, no?
> Parsing /etc/services added.

Hmph.  I would have expected to see getservbyname.
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