Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

>> When it is fed 2013-02-12, it is ambiguous and "approxidate" can and
>> should use whatever heuristics (including rejection of future) to
>> guess what the user wanted, but 2013-02-13 cannot be interpreted in
>> any other way, so we should parse it as such.
> FWIW, if you said 02/12/2013, I'd agree, but I've never seen someone
> using 2013-02-12 to mean December 2.
> So that suggests another possible tweak on top. :)

I think in the original context that triggered the "be more friendly
to Europeans" discussion long time ago, some correlations between
the delimiting characters (i.e. 'xxxx-xx-xx' vs 'xxxx.xx.xx' vs
'xxxx/xx/xx') and month-day ordering convention.  I do not recall if
we actually added that as a signal when disambiguating, though.
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