TJ <> writes:

> +     $(INSTALL) -d -m $(INSTALL_MODE_EXECUTABLE) $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)
> +     $(INSTALL) -d -m $(INSTALL_MODE_EXECUTABLE) $(DESTDIR)$(man5dir)
> +     $(INSTALL) -d -m $(INSTALL_MODE_EXECUTABLE) $(DESTDIR)$(man7dir)
> +     $(INSTALL) -m $(INSTALL_MODE_DATA) $(DOC_MAN1) $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)
> +     $(INSTALL) -m $(INSTALL_MODE_DATA) $(DOC_MAN5) $(DESTDIR)$(man5dir)
> +     $(INSTALL) -m $(INSTALL_MODE_DATA) $(DOC_MAN7) $(DESTDIR)$(man7dir)

I'm tempted to suggest

    INSTALL_DIR = $(INSTALL) -d -m 755
    INSTALL_DATA = $(INSTALL) -m 644

The number of lines the patch needs to touch will be the same, but
the resulting lines will not have many $(INSTALL_MODE_BLAH) shouting
at us.

Besides, you would want to differentiate the two kinds of 755 anyway
(I'd prefer INSTALL_PROGRAM to use -m 555 personally, for example).
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