Thomas Ackermann <> writes:

>  > 
>> Thomas, I do not want to see many rounds of entire rerolls of this
>> series on the list (nobody will look at the whole series multiple
>> times with fine toothed comb).  I do not think you want to do that
>> either.  Can you collect remaining fixups like David's message, turn
>> them into patch form when you have collected enough to be reviewed
>> in one sitting (say, a patchfile at around 200 lines), and send them
>> over to the list to apply on top of the tree of that commit?
> Sure!

I think we have waited long enough and as far as I recall we didn't
see any reports of misconversion or forgotten conversion, so I'll
squash the fixes parked on the topic branch, whose tip is at
bfb8e1eb6375afb (fixup! Change 'git' to 'Git' whenever the whole
system is referred to #4, 2013-01-22), and merge the result to
'next' sometime tomorrow.

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