Sebastian Schuberth <> writes:

> The commit message still does not mention MSYS path mangling at all,
> which probably is why the reasoning of this patch was not yet fully
> understood.

Ahh, you are very right.  I didn't realize that was what this funny
"with colon, with SP" business was about.

> I'd recommend something like the following:
> mergetools: Teach tortoisemerge about TortoiseGitMerge
> TortoiseGitMerge is an improved version of TortoiseMerge specifically
> for use with Git on Windows. Due to MSYS path mangling [1], the ":"
> after the "base" etc. arguments to TortoiseMerge caused to whole
> argument instead of just the file name to be quoted in case of file
> names with spaces. So TortoiseMerge was passed
>     "-base:new file.txt"
> instead of
>     -base:"new file.txt"
> (including the quotes). To work around this, TortoiseGitMerge does not
> require the ":" after the arguments anymore which fixes handling file
> names with spaces.
> [1]

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