Hi Pau,

I've not been able to find the canonical location of your gitk repository.

I've tried kernel.org, samba.org and ozlabs.org; none of them to have
it - nor does any amount of google searching I do reveal the location.

I realise you've probably had a busy month with linux.conf.au but it
would be nice to have some feedback.

Could you let me know where gitk is hosted and I'll re-roll this patch
against that (and update the docs so others don't need to go hunting).


On 5 January 2013 19:38, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Anand Kumria <wildf...@progsoc.org> writes:
>> Sorry, I didn't know that gitk had been split back out (and
>> Documentation/gitk.txt still mentions it is part of the git suite).
> It is not "split back" at all, and it won't be.  From "git" user's
> point of view it is part of the suite.
> Gitk however is still a viable freestanding project, so it would be
> selfish for me to take a patch to gitk-git/gitk directly to my tree,
> as the patch will not be able to flow back to the standalone gitk
> project. Hence we always let patches go through Paul's tree and then
> I pull from him.
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