Greg KH <> writes:

>> Then how about fixing kup to try both versions of Git?  There will
>> be people who run different versions of Git anyway, and kup should
>> not be preventing Git from helping people on other platforms, or
>> improving its output in general.
> I think the combinations of different versions of git that would have to
> be installed on to handle stuff like this as things change
> over time, wouldn't be worth it.

You make it sound as if you have to pick the right one among 47
different versions, but I think over the lifetime of Git there was
only one time that output from "diff" would have affected the kup's
trick to avoid the transmission of patch text, and another that
output from "tar-tree" (aka "archive --format=tar") would have
afffected the transmission of tarballs.  I do think it is feasible
if "kup" wanted to.

> The number of people this affects right now is only one (me), given that
> the offending file is not in Linus's tree right now, so he doesn't have
> issues with uploading new releases.

As a tree grows larger over time, it may be just a matter of time
for somebody else to be hit by another deep path, though.
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