Michael J Gruber <g...@drmicha.warpmail.net> writes:

> But diffs are on here ("-p"), it's just that the default diff option for
> merges is to not display them. Well, I admit there's two different ways
> of thinking here:
> A) "git log -p" turns on diffs for all commits, and the default diff
> options is the (non-existing) "--no-show" diff-option for merges.
> B) "git log -p" applies "-p" to all commits except merge commits.
> I'm strongly in the A camp,...

I can personally be trained to think either way, but I suspect that
we already came halfway to

  C) "-p" asks for two-way patches, and "-c/--cc" ask for n-way
     patches (including but not limited to n==2); it is not that -p
     asks for patch generation and others modify the finer behaviour
     of patch generation.

"git log/diff-files -U8" do not need "-p" to enable textual patches,
for example.  It is "I already told you that I want 8-line context.
For what else, other than showing textual diff, do you think I told
you that for?" and replacing "8-line context" with various other
options that affect patch generation will give us a variety of end
user complaints that would tell us that C) is more intuitive to

But I do not feel very strongly that I am *right* on this issue, so
I won't do anything about it hastily right now.
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