Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

>  The hook in prepare_packed_git_one is ugly, but I don't want to
>  duplicate the search file logic there in count-objects. Maybe I'm
>  wrong.

In this particular case I do not think you are completely wrong;
you are probably only two thirds wrong ;-)

The idea to use a customizable function pointer to allow it do extra
work is probably fine, but adding three identical calls and continue
is a bad taste.  Just have one callsite for the error path and do
not hesitate to jump to it with 'goto'.

I do not think failure to add_packed_git() should be treated the
same way as other cases where the files readdir() found are truly
garbage, by the way.

I also wonder, especially because you are enumerating the temporary
pack files in .git/objects/pack/, if it make more sense to account
for their sizes as well.  After all, you would end up doing stat()
for a common case of files with ".pack" suffix---doing so for all of
them shouldn't be too bad.
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