Ted Zlatanov <t...@lifelogs.com> writes:

> JCH> I thought that we tend to avoid Emacs/Vim formatting cruft left in
> JCH> the file.  Do we have any in existing file outside contrib/?
> No, but it's a nice way to express the settings so no one is guessing
> what the project prefers.  At least for me it's not an issue anymore,
> since I understand your criteria better now, so let me know if you want
> me to express it in the CodingGuidelines, in a dir-locals.el file, or
> somewhere else.

Historically we treated this from CodingGuidelines a sufficient

    As for more concrete guidelines, just imitate the existing code
    (this is a good guideline, no matter which project you are
    contributing to). It is always preferable to match the _local_
    convention. New code added to git suite is expected to match
    the overall style of existing code. Modifications to existing
    code is expected to match the style the surrounding code already
    uses (even if it doesn't match the overall style of existing code).

but over time people wanted more specific guidelines and added
language specific style guides there.  We have sections that cover
C, shell and Python, and I do not think adding Perl would not hurt.

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