Ted Zlatanov <t...@lifelogs.com> writes:

> JCH> Oh, another thing. 'default' is like 'machine' followed by any
> JCH> machine name, so the above while loop that reads two tokens
> JCH> pair-wise needs to be aware that 'default' is not followed by a
> JCH> value.  I think the loop will fail to parse this:
> JCH>         default       login anonymous    password me@home
> JCH>         machine k.org login me           password mysecret
> I'd prefer to ignore "default" because it should not be used for the Git
> credential helpers (its only use case is for anonymous services AFAIK).
> So I'll add a case to ignore it in PATCHv4, if that's OK.

You still need to parse a file that has a "default" entry correctly;
otherwise the users won't be able to share existing .netrc files
with other applications e.g. ftp, which is the whole point of this
series.  Not using values from the "default" entry is probably fine,


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