Hi there,

while trying to understand which parts of the author & committer identity are 
mandatory (name, email, or both), I ended up in ident.c, looking at 
ident_is_sufficient(), and to my surprise discovered that this seems to differ 
between Windows (were both are mandatory) and everyone else:

static int ident_is_sufficient(int user_ident_explicitly_given)
#ifndef WINDOWS
        return (user_ident_explicitly_given & IDENT_MAIL_GIVEN);
        return (user_ident_explicitly_given == IDENT_ALL_GIVEN);

According to git blame, this was introduced here:

commit 5aeb3a3a838b2cb03d250f3376cf9c41f4d4608e
Author: Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>
Date:   Sun Jan 17 13:54:28 2010 -0800

    user_ident_sufficiently_given(): refactor the logic to be usable from 

The commit message sounds as if this was only a refactoring, but the patch to 
me look as if it changes behaviour, too. Of course this could very well be 
false, say due to code elsewhere that already caused Windows to behave 
differently; I wouldn't know.

Still, I wonder: Why does this difference exist?


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