Am 06.02.2013 16:57, schrieb R. Diez:
> I would like to start gitk, select with the mouse 2 
> revisions of some file and then compare them, hopefully with an external
>  diff tool, very much like I am used to with WinCVS.
> The closest I
>  got is to start gitk with a filename as an argument, in order to 
> restrict the log to that one file. Then I right-click on a commit (a 
> file revision) and choose "Mark this commit". However, if I right-click 
> on another commit and choose "Compare with marked commit", I get a full 
> commit diff with all files, and not just the file I specified on the 
> command-line arguments.

Edit->Preferences, tick 'Limit diff to listed paths'.

-- Hannes

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