John Keeping <> writes:

> This series changes a couple of places that do not currently indent
> their output when being shown with a graph.
> The first patch was already posted [1] and addresses the output of "git
> log --graph -c -p".  Patch 2 is an independent fix I noticed while
> working on the later patches.
> Patches 3-5 introduce a helper function and change existing sites using
> diff_options->output_prefix to use it, resulting in a net reduction by
> about 60 lines.  There is no functional change here.
> The final patch uses the helper introduced in patch 4 to make combined
> diffs should the output prefix before each line.  This affects the
> output of "git log --graph --cc [-p|--raw]".
> [1]

Overall direction looks sensible.

It is a bit scary that we are doing the the fifth one now, as
opposed to catching this repetitiveness during the initial review of
patch series that added the graph code to the diff codepath.


> John Keeping (6):
>   graph: output padding for merge subsequent parents
>   diff: write prefix to the correct file
>   diff.c: make constant string arguments const
>   diff: add diff_line_prefix function
>   diff.c: use diff_line_prefix() where applicable
>   combine-diff.c: teach combined diffs about line prefix
>  combine-diff.c |  47 +++++++++++++--------
>  diff.c         | 131 
> +++++++++++++++------------------------------------------
>  diff.h         |   3 ++
>  graph.c        |  10 +++++
>  4 files changed, 77 insertions(+), 114 deletions(-)
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