"Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

> My initial https://github.com/PhilipOakley/git/commit/e6217d simply
> updates
> -  N_("See 'git help <command>' for more information on a specific
> command.");
> +  N_("See 'git help <command>' for more information on a specific
> command.\n"
> +     "Or 'git help <guide>', such as 'tutorial' for an introduction
> to Git.");
> as a starter for the new users.

Yeah, that would be a good change to make to "git help<RETURN>"

> My view is that help --all (-a) is essentially incomplete as it
> currently doesn't provide all the help.

It has always been about "tell me all subcommands", not about "give
me all the help you could give me".  You are not adding a "help"
subcommand to a system you wrote last week.  Changing the semantics
this late feels, eh, too late.
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