Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Nick Muerdter <st...@nickm.org> writes:

>> As of git and above (tested up to, if the home
>> directory can't be accessed, it results in a fatal error. In git 1.8.1
>> and below this same setup just resulted in warnings. Was this an
>> intentional change?
> I think this was done to not just help diagnosing misconfiguration,
> but to prevent an unintended misconfiguration from causing problems
> (e.g. the user thinks user.name is set up correctly, but forbids Git
> from reading it from the configuration files, and ends up creating
> commits under wrong names).

Yes, that's right.  Sometimes ignoring settings has bad consequences,
so git errors out to let the user intervene and decide whether the
inaccessible settings are important.

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