Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> Can we replace "open a socket to our daemon" with "open a special file
> in .git to get stat data written by our daemon"? TCP/IP socket means
> system-wide daemon, not attractive. UNIX socket is not available on
> Windows (although there may be named pipe, I don't know).

I do not think TCP/IP socket is too bad (you have to be able to read
the index file to be able to ask questions to the daemon to begin
with, so you must have list of paths already; the answer from the
daemon would not leak anything more sensitive than you can already
know), and UNIX domain socket is not too bad either.

Just like the implementation detail of the daemon itself may differ
on platforms (does Windows have the identical inotify interface?  I
doubt it), I expect the RPC mechanism between the daemon and the
client would be platform dependent.  So take that "open a socket" as
a generic way to say "have these two communicate with some magic",
nothing more.

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