Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> I am not sure about "pushing" part, but the jc/fetch-raw-sha1 topic
> (split from the main jc/hidden-refs topic) should allow your script,
> after the client learns the set of smudged object names, to ask for
>     git fetch $there $sha1_1 $sha1_2 ...

Well, my out-of-band knowledge is currently the sha1 of the data
contained in the blob I want, not the blob sha1 itself [1].  After
experimenting with jc/hidden-refs, I think it already does exactly what
I want. Specifically, I set this on the server

  git config uploadpack.hiderefs refs/fat

so that 'git ls-remote' no longer transfers these refs. Then on the
client, I do

  contentid=$(sha1sum thefile | cut -f1 -d \ )
  blobid=$(git hash-object -w thefile)
  git update-ref refs/fat/$contentid $blobid

  .... more like this

  git push the-remote refs/fat/$contentid ...

and later, I can fetch specific refs using

  git fetch the-remote refs/fat/$wanted:refs/fat/$wanted ...

The client knows the desired refs out-of-band so this looks okay. It
would be convenient to have '--stdin' options to 'git push' and 'git
fetch'. Would a patch for that be welcome?

[1] The reason for using $contentid instead of $blobid in the key here
is to avoid etching the backend=git detail into the cleaned commits.
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