On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 01:53:45PM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> This change is very good (modulo the extra blank line at the end).

Oops.  Will remove from v3.

> Alternatively, we can explain only the amending of the tip commit in
> this section, removing everything else; I think that is probably a
> better option.  The series of sections around here would then look
> like:
>  * The section before this talked about a straight-forward "rebase";
>  * This section then talks about "commit --amend", nothing else;
>  * The next section talks about taking "format-patch A..B", flipping
>    its output around and applying to A.  Enhance that section with
>    the material to be removed from here, which talks about applying
>    "format-patch A..B" on top of the amended A.
>  * Then add a separate section after that "Reordering or selecting
>    from a patch series" section to discuss "rebase -i".
> Hmm?

Works for me.  The 'format-patch' section is also useful, because it's
easy to understand how a mailing list could get inserted between
'format-patch' and 'am' ;).

The problem with a section on 'rebase -i' is that it does such a good
job explaining itself ;).  I suppose I could add a few "screenshots"


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