Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>> +Note the addition of the `+` sign.  Alternatively, you can use the
>> +`-f` flag to force the remote update, as in:
>> +
>> +-------------------------------------------------
>> +$ git push -f ssh://yourserver.com/~you/proj.git master
>> +-------------------------------------------------
>> +
> I didn't check the surrounding examples but would it make it a bit
> too advanced to make the example flow push out more than one
> branches here (perhaps he is also updating the 'maint' branch)?
> Then use of "--force" can be explained as "Instead of adding + to
> each and every refs to be pushed, you can use a single -f to force
> everything."

Now I have.  This is after a "git push" failed, saying that 'master'
does not fast forward, and attempting to push the 'master' out
forcibly.  There is little risk the user would get confused and say
"push -f $there master some-other-branch" in the context of this

So I think the patch is good, but others may have comments, so I'll
let the patch floating on the list for now.
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