Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> * mm/allow-contrib-build (2013-02-07) 2 commits
>  - perl.mak: introduce $(GIT_ROOT_DIR) to allow inclusion from other 
> directories
>  - Makefile: extract perl-related rules to make them available from other dirs
>  Will merge to 'next'.

These two patches do not make much sense without the 3rd one:

  [PATCH 3/4] Makefile: factor common configuration in git-default-config.mak

because perl.mak uses $(pathsep) that is defined in Makefile, hence
unreachable from external callers.

You can either drop the series (I still think it's a good thing to make
the toplevel Makefile more modular, but I have no longer a personal
interest in it since the original goal is already reached by
mm/remote-mediawiki-build), or continue the discussion on [PATCH 3/4].

Matthieu Moy
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