On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 05:23:39PM +0100, Michal Nazarewicz wrote:

> +     # TODO: Authentication may fail not because credentials were
> +     # invalid but due to other reasons, in which we should not
> +     # reject credentials.
> +     $auth = Git::credential({
> +             'protocol' => 'smtp',
> +             'host' => join(':', $smtp_server, $smtp_server_port),
> +             'username' => $smtp_authuser,
> +             # if there's no password, "git credential fill" will
> +             # give us one, otherwise it'll just pass this one.
> +             'password' => $smtp_authpass
> +     }, sub {
> +             my $cred = shift;
> +             return !!$smtp->auth($cred->{'username'}, $cred->{'password'});
> +     });

What do we want to do about this TODO?

I am happy to put it off until it becomes a problem, but I wonder if the
Git::credential() interface is sufficient to express what we would want.
It only allows two return values: true for approve, false for reject.
But we would want a tri-state: approve, reject, indeterminate.

Reading the Net::SMTP code, it doesn't look like the information is even
available to us (it really just passes out success or failure), so I
don't think we can even make it work now. But it may be better to
prepare the public Git::credential interface for it now, so we do not
have to deal with breaking compatibility later.

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