> Looks perfectly normal to me.  The message above:
> > HEAD is now at a0d271c... Linux 3.6
> > Bisecting: 0 revisions left to test after this (roughly 0 steps)
> > [d54b1a9e0eaca92cde678d19bd82b9594ed00450] perf script: Remove use of 
> > die/exit
> is asking you to test the commit at d54b1a9e and tell it the result
> of the test.  The message says "0 left to test *after* this";
> doesn't it mean you still need to do *this*?
> A bisecct session ends when it tells you
>       XXXXXX is the first bad commit
> which I do not see in the above.  You seem to have stopped before
> that happens.

Yes, I should do one more step.  Thanks for catching.


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