On 12 February 2013 02:54, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Reuben Thomas <r...@sc3d.org> writes:
>> Under the --color=<when> option, it says:
>> Show colored diff. The value must be always (the default for <when>),
>> never, or auto. The default value is never.
> I think it wants to say this:
>     You can say "diff --color" without saying "when".  That is the
>     same as saying "diff --color=always".
>     If you do not say "--color" at all, that is exactly the same as
>     saying "diff --color=never".
> Patches welcome.

Thanks for the explanation. Something like this, then:

diff --git a/Documentation/diff-options.txt b/Documentation/diff-options.txt
index 7a87473..9a02992 100644
--- a/Documentation/diff-options.txt
+++ b/Documentation/diff-options.txt
@@ -174,9 +174,9 @@ any of those replacements occurred.
     `diff.submodule` configuration variable.

-    Show colored diff.
-    The value must be `always` (the default for `<when>`), `never`, or `auto`.
-    The default value is `never`.
+    Show colored diff (off by default).
+    The value must be `always`, `never`, or `auto`.
+    `--color` is the same as `--color=always`.
     It can be changed by the `color.ui` and `color.diff`
     configuration settings.

? I guess other commands that work the same, such as git-grep, could
do with a similar patch (indeed, I based my wording on that in the
git-grep page, but that has different problems.) Or you could use the
same fragment twice if that is possible in your system?

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