I have a client with an SDK product. Normally the SDK is used in its unpackaged
form by the end-user, and that is the directory structure and set of files in
which development work on the SDK functionality is performed.

However the SDK directory and content is generated from a packager which first
runs on numerous other version controlled projects (currently CVS projects -
this is unlikely to change).

This means that once changes to the unpackaged SDK have been tested, they have
to be cross-referred back to the original projects and the changes ported back.

I have found it most convenient to control my in-SDK changes with git.

However it's still a royal pain to cross-refer and diff the changes back to the
originals, especially since duplicate file names exist across the original
projects which get filtered down to one relevant instance by the packager.

Since git is so good at tracking file content, I wondered whether there was any
technique using git that would simplify the back-referencing task.

Failing a method using git 'normally', perhaps building a script on top of the
git file system might be a possibility - if that is feasible ...


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