Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Brandon Casey wrote:
>> I'm not sure we should apply this though.  I'm leaning towards saying that
>> the 'cherry-pick -s' behavior with respect to a commit with an empty message
>> body should be undefined.  If we want it to be undefined then we probably
>> shouldn't introduce a test which would have the effect of defining it.
> Maybe it would make sense to just check that cherry-pick doesn't
> segfault in this case?


> That is, compute the output but don't compare it to expected output, as
> in:
>       test_expect_success 'adding signoff to empty message does something 
> sane' '
>               git reset --hard HEAD^ &&
>               git cherry-pick --allow-empty-message -s empty-branch &&
>               git show --pretty=format:%B -s empty-branch >actual &&
>               # sign-off is included *somewhere*
>               grep "^Signed-off-by:.*>\$" actual
>       '

Isn't what the current code happens to do is the best we could do?
We would end up showing one entry whose title appears to be
"Signed-off-by: ..." in the shortlog output if we did so.  If we
added an empty line, then the shortlog output will have a single
empty line that is equally unsightly.

We could force a message like this:

        tree d7f87518a26e9f00714675706f165b94f3625177
        parent f459a4b602c0f4d371e1717572de6d0c4d39c6b1
        author Junio C Hamano <> 1360699963 -0800
        committer Junio C Hamano <> 1360699980 -0800

        !!cherry-picked from a commit without any message!!

        Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

but I do not think that buys us much; it only replaces a totally
uninformative empty line with another totally uninformative junk.

That ugliness is a price the insane person, who is cherry picking a
commit without any justification made by another insane person,
indicates that he is willing to pay by doing so.  At that point I do
not think we should care.
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