Michal Nazarewicz <min...@mina86.com> writes:

>>> Michal Nazarewicz <m...@google.com> writes:
>>> > The body of the loop in command_close_bidi_pipe function is identical to
>>> > what _cmd_close function does so instead of duplicating, refactor change
>>> > _cmd_close so that it accepts list of file handlers to be closed, which
>> On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 10:55:05AM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>>> s/file handlers/file handles/, I think.
> On Tue, Feb 12 2013, Jeff King wrote:
>> And s/refactor change/refactor/.
>> Other than that, I think the series looks OK. I have one style micro-nit
>> on patch 4 which I'll reply in-line. But it is either "fix while
>> applying" or "ignore", I don't think it will be worth a re-roll.
> All fixed.
> Junio, do you want me to resend or would you be fine with just pulling:
>       git://github.com/mina86/git.git master

Neither.  I agree with Peff that these micronits are not enough
reason for the trouble of rerolling the series, so I'll just amend
them at my end.  Please double-check what you see on the 'pu' branch
when I push today's integration result out later.

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